Extraordinary maintenance of pellet stoves: how and when to do it

Extraordinary maintenance of pellet stoves: how and when to do it

In recent years, the prices of pellet stoves and related spare parts have contributed to making this type of heating increasingly popular and affordable for everyone, with consequent savings in the bill . However, before re-activating the heating system in your home, it is necessary to take care of its maintenance .

Cleaning and maintenance of the pellet stove: ordinary and extraordinary

Cleaning the pellet stove is, in some ways, similar to that of the rest of the house.

Every day, in fact, you dedicate yourself to cleaning the various rooms of the house, perhaps concentrating on the most experienced ones, but it is on the weekend that you proceed in more detail, not to mention what you will do during the so-called ” spring”.

Cleaning Maintenance of the pellet stove

Well, with the pellet stove you proceed more or less in the same way, through two steps :

  • Ordinary cleaning;
  • Extraordinary cleaning (or annual cleaning)

Before continuing our guide, let’s answer the main question: when should a pellet stove be cleaned ?

To understand whether or not the time has come to clean the pellet stove, you need to take a look at the combustion , to see if the stove produces much more residues than usual.

In fact, the maintenance of the pellet stove plays a role of fundamental importance for its correct functioning, also affecting the economic factor: a thermo stove that is always clean and performing will in fact allow you to reduce the costs related to the purchase of fuel, also guaranteeing better efficiency . energetic .

However, before carrying out any operation, it is important to distinguish between ordinary or daily maintenance , which can be carried out in complete autonomy, and annual or extraordinary maintenance – the exclusive competence of a specialized technician. Let’s therefore analyze all the details relating to this last aspect .

Extraordinary maintenance of the pellet stove

Extraordinary cleaning of the pellet stove consists of some steps that are a little more difficult and complex than those seen so far, which are actually very simple:

  1. cleaning of the exchangers chamber , to be carried out once a month;
  2. cleaning the ash duct once a year;
  3. cleaning of the gas exhaust pipes and the flue , to be carried out once a year.

Let’s see these three steps in detail.

1. Cleaning the ash duct

As mentioned, it must be performed once a year , it is part of the good seasonal maintenance practices of the stove. This type of cleaning could be rather cumbersome, compared to the ordinary one, it could also be advisable to contact a professional technician.

This way we make sure it is done correctly and we don’t have to worry about it ourselves.

Let’s see the steps: to perform the cleaning we must access the ash duct, to do so, in some cases we must continue by completely extracting the tank . Otherwise it is sufficient to vacuum or remove residues that could obstruct the passage of the ash.

Annually, it is also necessary to clean the ducts in order to free them from soot and not to clog them, or if they are, free them. In this way they will not obstruct the passage of fumes.

2. Clean the heat exchanger

The pellet stove heat exchanger should be cleaned every month , as mentioned above, especially if the stove is used very intensively, which can be expected in some months of the year.

For some models, however, it is advisable to proceed even only twice during the winter, but it depends, in fact, on the manufacturer’s instructions.

How do you proceed?

To access the exchanger it is necessary to extract the cast iron brazier , after which you will have to vacuum all the impurities, soot and ash.

3. Cleaning the flue

The maintenance and cleaning of the flue – which concerns both fireplaces and combustion stoves – must be carried out according to the indications contained in the UNI 10683 standard .

According to what is stated in the legislation, the cleaning of the flue must be carried out once a year , and carried out by qualified and certified personnel, this means that you will not be able to proceed independently.

Our advice, therefore, is to always and only contact qualified technicians , in possession of a regular license, able to issue a certificate of conformity.

Annual maintenance: legal obligations and conclusions

The annual maintenance of pellet stoves , required by law, must be carried out by a specialized technician who, once at home, will carry out all the necessary checks. At the end of the operation, he will have to issue you a specific certificate , testifying to the actual state of maintenance of the stove. Usually, the overhaul of the stove is carried out at the end of the winter season , in order to have a safe, efficient and tested heating system at the end of the summer.

The intervention, mandatory by law , has an average cost of 80/100 euros . A more in-depth check, which also includes the maintenance of the flue , can instead reach up to 200 euros . In any case, to always obtain the maximum yield in terms of performance and costs, it is good not to limit yourself to the simple annual cleaning of the pellet stove , taking care of ordinary or daily maintenance in person.

Cleaning the pellet stove is very important, both to ensure a clean quality of the air we breathe and to prevent it from failing or breaking.

This way you can always enjoy a warm and welcoming home , without worrying about the harsh winter temperatures.

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